Monday, January 4, 2016

Daily Oracle Card Reading Monday, January 4, 2016

Today's Card! 
Energy Oracle Cards by Sandra Anne Taylor

Fourth Chakra, Archangel Raphael  

Raphael extends a beautiful green energy surrounded by gentle waves of pink to your heart center.  This card upright indicates that you now have a greater readiness to receive love from others as well as from  yourself.  It could also indicate that a much needed healing from a previous broken heart is taking place.  

    The tender vibrations of Raphael remind you to encourage yourself with the compassionate self-talk that you desire to hear from others.  Know that as you do, the light from your heart center will shine with irresistible beauty and the Universe will send people and situations that cause your sense of love and support to grow and grow.             

The Monster under the bed is nothing compared to the real monster that lives inside our heads.  The self-doubt, the "I'm not good enough," the I'm too fat, too skinny, too tall, too short, etc are all lies.  

No one believes a liar, right?  Once someone has a reputation for lying, it is hard to believe anything they say.  So, tell your inner self to STOP.  RESET. and rephrase.   Look in the mirror and see the amazing person the rest of us see.  Be kind to yourself.  Think about how you treat someone when you are newly in love.  Everything about them is amazing, right?  Well, it's time to call on Raphael to help you fall back in love with yourself!    What we think or say sends messages to the Universe, and what we send we attract.  Here's to attracting great things today!                

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