Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Daily Oracle Card Reading, Thursday, February 18. 2016

Today's Card
Energy Oracle Cards by Sandra Anne Taylor

This powerful being brings the force of ancient wisdom and profound healing.  The light of Divine consciousness pours from his hands and heart flowing to you with love, and a powerful intention.  This amazing entity is with you now, bringing resolution to physical, mental, and emotional ills, helping to unblock stuck energy and revitalize your life force.  

You may have felt this strong presence recently, or you may just be opening up to the wonderful sensations now.  You can call upon this emissary of miraculous transformation whenever you need vitality, balance or renewal.  Know that at the deepest level, an important healing is taking place.


The powerful healing of eternal love is with me now and always.  Divine consciousness fills every cell.  I am whole, healthy, vital, and at peace! 

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